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Rehman offers over 30 years of experience to guide you towards resilience, impactful communication, and overall well-being.

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My life story is one of diverse experiences in several countries. The path has been fraught with unexpected twists and turns, which have required me to overcome huge challenges. This has made me the person I am today. At the top of my career, in good mental and physical shape and in a stable financial position, by the grace of God.

From humble beginnings in Pakistan, I moved to London in the 1960’s where my first ever job was delivering newspapers before school every morning. I now walk the prestigious corridors of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest Energy company, where I work as a Training & Development Consultant.

I have learned countless lessons and deployed many strategies to achieve my current position. Let me help you to integrate some of these into your life and help you navigate your own path, transforming your trials into triumphs and pave the way for success and holistic well-being.

How Can I Help You?

Career Health

Navigate your career path with confidence, harnessing strategies for effective communication, resilience, and self-awareness. My guidance will propel you towards achieving your professional and personal goals.

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Physical & Mental Health

Achieve a harmonious balance between body and mind with practices focused on long-term health and resilience. Learn to manage stress and enhance your well-being through proven, sustainable methods.

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Financial Health

Chart a course to financial stability with practical advice on navigating property market and managing your assets. Benefit from first-hand insights and guidance to make decisions that lead to wealth-building.

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What Qualifies Me To Help You?

Certified Expertise

  • Change Management Consultant - PROSCI Certified
  • Trained facilitator - Certified by Leadership Strategies (No.1 facilitation trainer in USA)
  • Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) - Accredited by the official body in USA - National Career Development Association
  • Certified in Training and Facilitation by The Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Mastering the Stage

  • Over 50 years of stage time (I started very young!)
  • Master of Ceremonies (MC) at prestigious corporate events and conferences
  • Host of countless Social Events and Awards ceremonies
  • Workshop Facilitator with superior engagement skills
  • Coached up to executive level on speaking with IMPACT
  • Founder of "Rehman & Friends" - pioneering stand-up comedy show in Saudi Arabia
    International Exposure

International Exposure

  • Travelled far and wide to practice my craft
  • Ten countries so far (and counting!)
  • Awareness of diverse cultures and traditions
  • Soft Skills Trainer for Young Professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • Online mentor to young people in many countries

Navigating Career Challenges

Learn to identify your core strengths and passions, adapt to career setbacks, and build a growth mindset that transforms obstacles into opportunities for career advancement.

Mastering the Art of Communication

Acquire skills in crafting messages that resonate, using storytelling to connect, and employing body language and vocal techniques that make an impact in every interaction.

Presentation Skills for Professionals

Gain expertise in structuring compelling presentations, engaging diverse audiences, and delivering your message with confidence across both face-to-face and virtual platforms.

Mastering Facilitation for Leadership

Learn the techniques of effective meeting and workshop facilitation, including agenda setting, fostering inclusive participation, and managing group dynamics to achieve productive outcomes.

Sustainable Well-being Practices

Explore strategies for maintaining balance, including nutrition, exercise routines tailored to different life stages, stress management techniques, and building emotional intelligence for mental resilience.

Principles of Financial Health

Dive into financial planning with a focus on property investment, understanding market trends, risk assessment, and developing a portfolio strategy that aligns with your long-term financial goals.

What My Clients Say About Me

"Rehman is by far is the MOST ENGAGING instructor I have ever had in Aramco. Given the course is virtual, Rehman had superb performance, informative and fun! Great way to put his special talents into this course (humor, storytelling..etc)"

"Rehman is an inspiration. His presentation was more than a simple slide pack. Rehman provided us with actual tools to remain engaged throughout this presentation and in life in general. I look forward to listening to Rehman more in his podcast."

"Rehman kept us engaged the whole time. The talk was greatly beneficial targeting many aspects that can help any person not just an employee. He was also very entertaining and managed to create a connection with each one of us, exciting us to contribute more."

"I really enjoyed the session. This was very inspiring, I would really would love to talk to Rehman who is one of the very inspiring and amazing people I have met in my life. I recommend this course to everyone who just started their careers. Thank you"

What My Clients Say About Me

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